Project Overview


The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is conducting a study to evaluate alternative alignments for connecting Ameriplex Parkway at Kentucky Avenue to Southport Road at Mann Road. This road connection is currently shown as a future project in the Marion County Thoroughfare Plan, a document that identifies existing and proposed important roads within the county. The purpose of this road is to provide a continuous east-west thoroughfare across southern Marion County and to support existing and anticipated development in Decatur Township.

This study serves as a preliminary route screening for the proposed road. The study will compare the route identified in the Thoroughfare Plan with other potential routes based on construction cost, impacts to the community and the environment, and how well each route serves the purpose and need of the project. As the project moves forward, more detailed study will be conducted on any route alternatives recommended in this study to verify right of way requirements, design details, and impacts in accordance with federal and state requirements. Continued study will also confirm that the recommended route supports updated land use plans for the area, which are currently under development through the Marion County Land Use Plan update by the Department of Metropolitan Development. Three alternative routes have been identified for the connection of Ameriplex Parkway to Southport Road.

These alternatives are shown on the study area map. With each alternative, the road is proposed to have two through travel lanes in each direction with a raised median, curb and gutter, a sidewalk on one side and a pedestrian/bicycle trail on the other side. The total width of the road right of way would be 130 feet, with additional width possible at intersections. Typical section drawings are provided to illustrate these design elements. They also show how denser commercial development could be accommodated in a village area, if such an area is designated by land use plans.

A preliminary estimate of future traffic demand has been developed in coordination with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization. It is expected that the Ameriplex Parkway extension to Southport Road would carry approximately 20,000 vehicles per day by 2035. More detailed traffic forecasting and analysis will be needed in the future design phase to confirm intersection turn lanes and traffic control and to determine whether roundabouts could be used at intersections

Evaluation of the route alternatives consider the following:

  • Impacts to streams, wetlands, floodplains, and forests
  • Impacts to adjacent properties, including residential and business relocations
  • Impacts to potentially historic properties
  • Ability to support the type of development that is desired in the project vicinity
  • Project cost, including costs of land acquisition, construction, and utility relocation
  • Expected traffic operation on the facility and its ability to meet the purpose of the project

Public and stakeholder input will be an important consideration in evaluating the route alternatives. Please use provide input via comment form.