About the Project

What is Decatur Direct?

Decatur Direct is the name for the proposed extension of Ameiplex Parkway. The new road—connecting Ameriplex Parkway to Southport Road—will be just over three miles.

Improving Accessibility

The roadway itself will be attractive, with a median to separate eastbound and westbound lanes. It will create new recreational options—including walking and biking paths—for residents of the area.

Economic Development

While we expect the project to have a positive effect on economic development, most new businesses planning to locate in the area would go through a public approval process.

Project Facts

Everything you need to know about the Decatur Direct project, all in one place. Here are eight project facts to help you understand the need for this road, and its benefits to the community both now and in the future.

Improved Connectivity

Better Accessibility

Economic Promise

0% Tax Increase

Decreased Traffic

Shorter Bus Routes

Faster First Response

Minimal Interruptions

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Project Scope and Timeline

Tentatively, the project will take five years to complete, from planning design to final traffic intersections.

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Design will begin in 2021, with construction finishing in 2025.

Planning and Development 95%
Design 35%
Construction 0%

Ameriplex Extension Study

Map of Route Alternatives

Choosing The Best Route

Impact on the Environment

Impact to Home and Property Owners

Economic Expansion and Development

Designing Better Intersections

Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorists

School Buses & First Responders

Purchasing Land & Property

Breaking Ground & Staying on Target

Minimal Disruptions to Traffic

News & Updates

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Have Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions about the Decatur Direct project, or concerns about its impact on the community or economy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Decatur Direct will extend Ameriplex Parkway from Kentucky Avenue to the intersection of Southport Road and Mann Road.

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