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Decatur Direct is the name for the proposed extension of Ameriplex Parkway. The new road provides a continuous east-west thoroughfare across southern Marion County—a project that has been discussed for more than a decade. Currently, there is no unbroken way to drive east-west on the southside of Indianapolis, and oftentimes motorists go to Mooresville or around I-465.

While the extension will provide a new, modern roadway with bicycle lanes and walking paths, we know there are questions about how this project will impact the Decatur community now, during construction, and into the future.

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Decatur Direct. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us.

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The new road will connect Ameriplex Parkway from its intersection with State Road 67 to Southport Road where it crosses the White River.

Decatur Direct is the name of the project team and effort to get the new road constructed.

It will provide more connectivity across the south side of Indianapolis. Currently, there is no unbroken way to drive east-west on the south side, and oftentimes motorists go to Mooresville or around I-465.

The roadway itself will be attractive, with a median to separate eastbound and westbound lanes. It will create new recreational options—including walking and biking paths—for residents of the area. It will also improve public-safety vehicle response times and mean shorter bus rides to and from school for many students.

The remaining design work and land acquisition process is estimated to take about 3.5 years, once the Indianapolis Department of Public Works identifies a method to fund the design work. After design is complete, construction is expected to take 2 years once funded and bid to a contractor.

The proposed new road will be just over three miles. The length will vary by less than half a mile, between 3.04 and 3.44 miles, depending on the path that is ultimately chosen.

Looking at the proposed options (click here to see map), Alternative 3, which follows the pink line, appears to be the most feasible path at this time. But a final decision hasn’t been made, and public input is being considered.

While traffic is expected to increase when the project is finished, there aren’t exact predictions about how much. Changes in traffic are the result of a variety of factors, including increasing population.

But a regional traffic forecast shows that by 2045 the segment of the new roadway between Kentucky Avenue and Mann Road could get between 21,000 and 27,000 vehicles per day and as much as 40,000 per day could travel on Southport Road, east of Mann Road.

While we expect the project to have a positive effect on economic development, most new businesses planning to locate in the area would go through a public approval process.

The answer to both questions is yes, but there won’t be estimates on how much time will be saved until the design phase is complete.

Currently, the recommendation is that posted speed limits would be 40 mph outside of residential areas and 35 mph inside of them. 

Yes. There is a utility corridor through the city-owned right of way between Mooresville and Mann roads, and a gas transmission line, water main, and sanitary sewer interceptor located along the route. An important activity in the project’s design phase will be to work closely with the utility companies to engineer good solutions to co-existing with the utilities.

The total project cost estimates for the preferred plan, Alternative 3, range up to $70-$75 million. Cost estimates for the other two options range from $70 million to $85 million.

Any construction-related driveway or park access restrictions will be temporary—less than a full day—and those who are impacted will be notified before work takes place. If possible, alternative routes will be created and there also will be an inspector onsite during construction to answer questions.

When construction is complete, some access points will have been moved and reconstructed near their original positions.

Yes. If the preferred alternative (Alternative Three) is chosen, it could be necessary to buy between nine and 11 homes. Alternative Two also involves up to nine to 11 homes, and Alternative One involves up to 16 to 18 homes.

Homeowners will be contacted, and the fair market value of the property will be assessed using qualified appraisers. If there is a disagreement about the amount of the assessment, the disagreement can be negotiated or, if an agreement can’t be made, handled by the court system.

No. The project will be funded by previous and future allocated transportation funds.

Yes. The new roadway will come with separated pedestrian and bicycle paths, including a six-foot sidewalk on one side and a 10-foot multi-use path on the opposite side. There will be wider sidewalks and buffered bike lanes within residential areas, and, during the design process, street parking may be added in some areas.

It will be a four-lane roadway with a center, grass median in most sections.

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