Decatur Direct Project Update – March 10, 2021

The City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works continues to pursue the development of the Decatur Direct project. DPW’s Chief Engineer signed acceptance of the Decatur Direct Alignment Study on September 4, 2020. In that study, multiple alignments were considered and the three best solutions were evaluated for cost, impacts to existing properties, utility conflicts, and effects on environmentally sensitive areas. The three alignments studied are shown here:

Three Decatur Direct Alignments studied in detail.

The alignment following Alternative 3 was selected as the best alternative based on balancing costs and impacts to existing properties, utilities, and environmentally sensitive areas. The study can be viewed here: ((LINK TO STUDY HERE)).

The DPW has funded the engineering design activities through the 30% level. At that level of project development, the alignment will be refined to meet engineering design standards, drainage issues will be known and preliminarily addressed, and bridges and culvert sizes will be established. The design team has begun the process of turning the conceptual roadway alignment into detailed construction plans that meet modern safety standards. The 30% design plans will be completed in the Fall of 2021. A conceptual depiction of the refined alignment is shown here:

Line PR-A (Preferred Refined Alternative)


After the 30% design milestone, the next event in project design will be the 60% plan submittal. At that time, the right of way limits for the roadway will be established, the environmental mitigation plans will be developed, and the drainageways will be identified.