What is the timeline?

Discussions have been underway for a decade, while research and planning began in 2017. The remaining design work and land acquisition process is estimated to take about 3.5 years, once the Indianapolis Department of Public Works identifies a method to fund the design work. After design is complete, construction is expected to take 2 years once funded and bid to a contractor.

Why the Extension?

The extension will enhance mobility in Decatur Township and throughout the south side of Indianapolis.

What are the benefits?

The connectivity will improve traffic routes across southern Marion County, with improvements for the community both now and in the future.

In 2017, the City of Indianapolis commissioned a study to assess and identify the best routes to establish a proposed connection between Ameriplex Parkway and Southport Road.

The objective of this study was to determine a route that could improve east-west connectivity and provide traffic congestion relief across southern Marion County. Out of three proposed routes, one has been identified as the preferred alignment, which provides the most viable route considering the impact to residents and the environment. Public involvement and feedback will be considered prior to finalizing the alignment of the proposed Decatur Direct Roadway.

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The 3-mile extension of the parkway will provide a new, modern roadway with bicycle lanes and walking paths.

The long-term impact for the Decatur community could bring new economic development to the area. While zoning is a separate process, any new business that plans to open in the area would go through a public approval process, allowing both new and long-time residents to have a say in the development of the community.

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Miles of Roadway


Daily Vehicles


Estimated Cost


Tax Increase

Improving the future of Decatur Township

The project will have a positive effect on economic development, and most new businesses planning to locate in the area would go through a public approval process.

The Decatur Direct project includes three phrases: 1) Research and Planning, 2) Design, and 3) Construction. Research and Planning began with a study in 2017 commissioned by the City of Indianapolis, and design is slated to begin in 2021.


Planning 75%
Design 35%
Construction 0%
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Decatur Direct is the name for the proposed extension of Ameriplex Parkway. The new road will extend Ameriplex Parkway from Kentucky Avenue to the intersection of Southport Road and Mann Road, improving east-west connectivity across the southern part of Marion County. 

The cost estimates for the preferred plan, Alternative 3, range from $31.5 million to $33.1 million. Cost estimates for the other two options range from $33.7 million to $41.3 million. Taxpayers will not see an increase, however, as the project will be funded by previously allocated transportation funds.

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    Decatur Direct provides a continuous east-west thoroughfare across southern Marion County.

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